2017-2019 Panamera – Manual

2017-2019 Panamera – Manual

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Page: 179

Normal Level
Normal Level is adopted as standard in “Normal” and “PASM Sport” modes. In “PASM Sport Plus” mode, Normal Level can be selected in the PCM via the DRIVE menu.

High level
The leveling system allows you to raise the vehicle in maneuvering mode by approx. 0.8 in. (20 mm) compared to Normal Level in order to drive over curbs and ramps. High Level can only be selected manually and at speeds of less than approx. 20 mph (30 km/h). The vehicle automatically leaves High Level at speeds exceeding approx. 20 mph (30 km/h).


  1. High Level must not be used on public roads, as the prescribed installation height of the reflectors can be exceeded in High Level.
  2. Frequent level changes can cause the compressor to overheat. In this case, the compressor must cool for several minutes before the leveling system is fully functional again. The system automatically adjusts to a selected level when the compressor cools down.

Low level
Low Level is automatically adopted when “PASM Sport Plus” mode is selected. Low Level can be selected manually in the PCM via the DRIVE menu.


  1. When Low Level is selected in "Normal” mode, the vehicle automatically switches to “PASM Sport” mode.
  2. If a door is opened, the vehicle will not be raised or lowered. The selected level is set after the door is closed.

Switching leveling system off

Operation of leveling system during a wheel change
The vehicle can slip off the jack. Parts of the body may be pinched or crushed. Before lifting the vehicle using a lifting platform or jack:

  • Set normal level manually.
  • Switch leveling system off.

The automatic leveling system must be switched off when driving onto a lifting platform or when raising the vehicle using the jack (car jack mode). For information on jacking up the vehicle:

  1. Please see chapter "Jack and lifting platform" on page 136.
  1. Vehicle stationary.

The vehicle can now be raised.

The leveling system switches on automatically at speeds above approx. 4 mph (7 km/h).

Responding to warning symbols
PASM faults are displayed on the instrument cluster.

  1. Please see chapter "Warning and Information Messages" on page 255.
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