2017-2019 Panamera – Manual

2017-2019 Panamera – Manual

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Interior lighting

Adjusting brightness

Switching interior lighting on and off

Fig. 78: Operating interior lighting

AButton for front interior lights
BButton for front left reading light
CButton for front right reading light
DButton for interior lights in the rear (depending on equipment)

Fig. 79: Operating reading lights

Switching interior lights on and off
Interior lights

  • Press button A or D.

Switching reading lights on and off
Front reading lights

  • Press button B or C.

Rear reading lights

  • Press button E above the relevant door.

Adjusting brightness

  • Press and hold the button for the relevant light for at least 1 second until the desired brightness is achieved.

Switching interior lighting on and off automatically

Under dark conditions, the interior lighting is switched on in the following cases:

  1. When unlocking the vehicle or opening a door
  2. After switching off the ignition and unfastening the driver's seat-belt buckle

The interior lighting is switched off again in the following situations:

  1. After all the doors have been closed
  2. Immediately after the ignition is switched on
  3. Immediately after the vehicle is locked
  4. Automatically approx. 10 minutes after switching on

The off delay time for the interior lighting can be adjusted.

  1. Please see chapter "Vehicle settings" on page 247.

Switching ambient lighting on and off

Switching ambient lighting on and off

Setting the ambient lighting color

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