2017-2018 Macan – Manual

2017-2018 Macan – Manual

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Page: 57

Canceling manual air distribution

  • Press the relevant air distribution button again.
    The light indicator on the relevant button goes out.
    – or –
    Press button .
    Air quantity and distribution are automatically controlled.

Adjusting air vents

There are air vents on the dashboard and rear center console that can be opened and closed manually. The direction of the air flow can also be adjusted.

Fig. 20: Adjusting air vents

Opening and closing air vents

  • Turn the thumb wheel on the air vent upward or downward.

Changing air flow direction

  • Swivel vent vanes in the desired direction.

Fresh-air intake
To ensure unhindered air intake:

  • Keep the fresh-air intake between the windshield and the hood free from snow, ice and leaves.

Upper ventilation panel

Fig. 21: Upper ventilation panel

The ventilation panel on top of the dashboard provides additional ventilation for the passenger compartment.

The air-conditioning regulates the air flow quantity automatically.

Switching the cooling function on/ off

In automatic mode, the cooling function is activated by default. The cooling output is automatically controlled.

  1. Please see chapter "Switching automatic mode on" on page 55.

Fig. 22: Switching the cooling function on/off

Switching on the cooling function

  • Press button .
    The light indicator on the button lights up.
    – or –
  • Press the button for any of the airconditioned areas.
    The cooling function is activated.

Switching off the cooling function
The cooling function can be switched off manually to save fuel, for example.

  • Press button .
    The light indicator on the button goes out.
    The cooling function is deactivated.
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