2017-2018 Macan – Manual

2017-2018 Macan – Manual

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Page: 315

  1. Audio
  2. Phone
  3. Map
  4. Navigation
  5. Trip
  6. TPMS
  7. Torque split
  8. Chrono

Displaying PCM information temporarily on the multifunction display

  1. Map info: Automatic display of the navigation map when a navigation instruction is issued.
  2. Arrow info: Automatic display of the navigation arrow when a navigation instruction is issued.
  3. Phone info: Display of incoming and outgoing calls.
  4. Voice control: Fade-in of help texts after pressing the voice control button.

Adapting the Audio main menu

  1. Station list: List of all currently available radio stations.
  2. Preset list: List of all saved radio stations.
  1. Please see chapter "Radio" on page 235.

Setting the brightness of the multifunction display

Switching help texts for a menu entry on and off

When this function is activated, help texts are displayed for a few seconds after the menu entry is selected.

Setting the date and time

The set date and time displays are applied to all displays in the vehicle.

Setting the time

Setting time zone

Setting the time format

  1. 12h: 12-hour format
  2. 24h: 24-hour format

Automatically synchronizing the time via the GPS signal

The time can be synchronized via the GPS signal when this function is activated.

When synchronization of the time via the GPS signal is set, the time and date cannot be set manually. Depending on the satellite signal reception, a number of setting options may be temporarily unavailable.

Daylight saving time

When the function is activated, the vehicle clock will change to daylight saving time.

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