2017-2018 Macan – Manual

2017-2018 Macan – Manual

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Page: 218

Configuring WiFi settings

  1. Activate/Deactivate WiFi: switch the WiFi function of the PCM on/off.
  2. Configure WiFi hotspot in PCM: Display and set up the PCM WiFi access data. These data are required to connect a device (e.g. phone) to the PCM or WiFi and to use the PCM's WiFi hotspot.
  3. Use external data connection: To establish a data connection with an external WiFi hotspot (e.g. public hotspot).
  4. Connect to WiFi hotspot: Search for new WiFi hotspot and enter the access data for the hotspot (user name and password). Be aware of upper and lower case when entering the data.
  1. Please see chapter "Using the PCM data connection (WiFi hotspot)" on page 97.

Deleting external WiFi hotspot

Configuring data connections

– Data connections:

  1. On: Data connections are always approved.
  2. Off: Data connections are switched off.
  3. Prompt: Before using the data connection, a message appears as to whether the data connection should be approved.

– Share data connection: Approve data connection for WiFi devices.

– Roaming: Allow or block data connections in external networks.

– Configure APN: Change network access data for the SIM card data connection (APN name, user name and password).

– Reset access point configuration: Reset APN settings to factory settings.

  1. For information on APN settings: Please see chapter "Establishing a data connection" on page 96.

Managing contacts

  1. Contact memory: Display the used contact memory.
  2. Sorting Criteria: Sort the contacts stored in the phone by first name or by last name.
  3. Transfer contacts: Contacts from the phone connected via Bluetooth® can be transferred to the PCM manually.

Changing tone settings

  1. The phone is connected to the PCM.

Available settings are:

  1. Select ringtone: Set the PCM ringtone if the ringtone is not transferred to the connected phone via Bluetooth®.
  2. Ringtone volume: Setting the ringtone volume.
  3. Microphone sensitivity: Set microphone sensitivity for phone calls.
  4. Alert tone for messages: Setting or disabling the alert tone for incoming messages.
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