2017-2018 Macan – Manual

2017-2018 Macan – Manual

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Page: 196

Changing the PCM display settings

Switch off screen: Touchscreen is switched off until the next time it is touched.
Screen brightness
Temperature: Display the temperature in the footer
Time: Display of time in the footer
Proximity sensor: Activate/deactivate proximity sensors
Touch tone setting: Activate/deactivate acoustic feedback when touchscreen is touched.

Changing the volume and sound

Adjusting the volume
You can adjust the volume by turning the volume control A (see Fig. 141 on page 189).

Muting the audio source

Changing tone settings

Bass: Increase or decrease the bass range.
Treble: Increase or decrease the treble range.
Fader: Adjust the volume distribution between the front and rear loudspeakers.
Balance: Adjust the volume distribution between the left and right loudspeakers.

Changing volume settings

Traffic announcements: Set volume increase for traffic announcements.
Navigations guidance: Adjust the volume of navigation announcements.
Speed dependent volume: Volume is adapted in accordance with the driving speed.
AUX: Adjust the volume of AUX audio playback.
Bluetooth® audio: Adjust the volume of Bluetooth® audio playback.
Microphone sensitivity: Adjust microphone sensitivity for active phone calls.
Ringtone volume: Set the volume of the ringtone for incoming calls.
Mute navigation during call: Do not play navigation announcements when call is active.
Touch tone setting: Confirmation tone when screen is touched.
Alert tone for messages: Switch sound for incoming text messages and e-mails on/off.

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