2017-2018 Macan – Manual

2017-2018 Macan – Manual

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Page: 173

Fig. 129: Tire pressure gauge

The actual pressures are displayed for information purposes only. The tire pressures change according to the temperature.

  • Never change the tire pressures on the basis of this display.

Retrieving the pressure difference

Fig. 130: Example pressure difference

  1. Vehicle stationary.

The pressure difference from the set pressure on the relevant wheel is displayed.

Example: If the reading for the right rear tire is shown as –0.1 bar, this tire needs to be inflated by 1.4 psi (0.1 bar).

The tire temperature has already been taken into account in the pressures shown.

  • You should only use the pressure difference from the Fill info display or the corresponding tire pressure warning to correct the tire pressure.

In the case of tires that have not yet been taughtin, the new target pressures are displayed instead of the actual pressure differences.

  1. Please see chapter "Teaching in the tire pressure monitoring system" on page 174.

Selecting the tire type (fitted tire type and tire size)

The options available depend on the model type. It is therefore possible that not all the options shown here are available on the multifunction display.

  • Before fitting tires with dimensions not stored on the multifunction display, first add the missing information on the multifunction display.
    Visit a qualified specialist workshop. Porsche recommends an authorized Porsche dealer, as they have trained technicians and the necessary parts and tools.
  • Only use Porsche-approved tires.

  1. Vehicle stationary.

Available setting and abbreviation:

  1. 18“ Summer: 18“ (S)
  2. 18‘‘ Winter: 18“ (W)
  3. 18‘‘ All Season: 18“ (AS)
  4. 19" Summer: 19“ (S)
  5. 19" Winter: 19“ (W)
  6. 19“ All Season: 19“ (AS)
  7. 20" Summer: 20“ (S)
  8. 20" Winter: 20“ (W)
  9. 20“ All Season: 20“ (AS)
  10. 21" Summer: 21“ (S)

The selected setting appears as an abbreviation under Tire type in the TPMS main menu.

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