2017-2018 Cayenne – Manual

2017-2018 Cayenne – Manual

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Adjusting air flow

There are three settings for adjusting the strength of the air flow in automatic mode.

For information on adjusting the strength of the air flow:

  1. Please see chapter "Setting air conditioning" on page 341.

Cooling the glove compartment

Fig. 23: Cooling the glove compartment

Cooled air is directed into the glove compartment via a separate air vent.

The air vent can be opened and closed manually.

Cold air may flow around the glove compartment lid and into the passenger compartment.

  • If the outside temperature is low, close the air vents in the glove compartment to ensure the passenger compartment is heated as efficiently as possible.

Defrosting the windshield

Fig. 24: Defrost windshield button

Switching defroster mode on

  • Press button .
    The light indicator on the button lights up.
    The air flows to the windshield and the front side windows.
    The windshield is demisted or defrosted as quickly as possible.

Switching defroster mode off

  • Press button .
    The light indicator on the button goes out.
    – or –
    Press the button for any of the airconditioned areas.

2-zone air conditioning:
The windshield is defrosted with maximum efficiency when the air vents in the rear are closed.

4-zone air conditioning:
In defrosting mode, the air supply to the rear is cut off automatically to achieve maximum defrosting efficiency.

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