2017-2018 Cayenne – Manual

2017-2018 Cayenne – Manual

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Page: 340

  1. Late
  2. Medium
  3. Early

Adjusting the volume of the lane departure warning when the driver strays from the lane

  1. Loud
  2. Medium
  3. Low

Adjusting lighting and windshield wiper

Adjusting off delay of exterior lights for Welcome Home and Entry functions

  1. Please see chapter “Switching on Automatic Coming Home lights” on page 164.

Activating and deactivating dynamic high beam

  1. Vehicles with Porsche Dynamic Light System Plus (PDLS Plus).

When the function is active, the dynamic high beam can be used.

  1. Please see chapter “High beam assistant” on page 165.

Adjusting brightness of orientation lighting

Setting interior lighting off delay

Setting activation of the rear wiper when reverse gear is engaged

  1. Automatically: The rear wiper performs a series of wipes automatically when it is raining and reverse gear is engaged.
  2. Manually: The rear wiper is not activated when reverse gear is engaged.

Lowering door mirror on passenger’s side when engaging reverse gear

  1. Vehicles with memory package or comfort memory package.

When the function is active, the door mirror on the passenger’s side is lowered when reverse gear is engaged.

Changing button assignment on multifunction steering wheel

Any functions from the multifunction display, the PCM or general vehicle functions can be assigned individually to the ◊ button on the multifunction steering wheel.

PCM function:

  1. Source change: Change audio source
  2. Voice control: Activate voice control
  3. Repeat instr.: Repeat voice instruction from the navigation system
  4. Station/track <: Select previous radio station or track
  5. Station/track >: Select next radio station or track
  6. Map: Display navigation map in PCM
  7. Menu change: Change main menu area
  8. Surround View: Display surround view in the PCM
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