2017-2018 Cayenne – Manual

2017-2018 Cayenne – Manual

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Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) with Air Suspension and Leveling System

PASM with air suspension and leveling system is an active shock absorber adjustment and ride height balancing system. The adjustable damper system selects the appropriate damping level for each wheel according to the driving situation and driving conditions. The leveling system automatically balances load changes and maintains a constant ride height. Driving safety, agility and comfort are optimized.

Three different chassis setups can be selected at the push of a button:

Comfort mode ensures comfortable chassis tuning.

The SPORT chassis setup offers very sporty shock absorber tuning.

SPORT PLUS mode offers particularly sporty shock absorber tuning (e.g. for race circuit driving). The vehicle is also lowered by approx. 0.4 in. (10 mm) compared to the normal level, thereby switching to low level.

In addition to manual mode selection, PASM also adjusts shock absorber tuning for either sporty or comfort driving, depending on the driving situation.

On vehicles with Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) including air suspension and levelling system, five different levels can be set manually in addition to the Comfort, SPORT and SPORT PLUS chassis setups.

The preselected level is automatically adapted to suit the vehicle speed.

The height of the vehicle is automatically kept constant when the vehicle is loaded. The individual levels can be set only when the engine is running.


  1. The vehicle may not be driven on public roads in the terrain or special terrain setting.
  2. The height of the vehicle is automatically kept constant when the vehicle is loaded. The individual levels can be set only while the engine is running.
  3. Frequent level changes can cause the supercharger to overheat. In this case, the supercharger must cool for several minutes before the levelling system is fully functional again. The system automatically adjusts to a selected level when the supercharger cools down.

If vehicles with air suspension are left stationary for several weeks, the ride height can be reduced. The vehicle automatically re-adjusts to the correct ride height when you start the engine. This can take several minutes, depending on the operating state. Ground clearance is reduced during this time.

Fig. 182: Setting the level manually

A Special terrain level (High level II)
BTerrain level (High level I)
CNormal level
DLow level
ELoading level

Setting the level manually

  1. Engine is switched on.
  2. Doors are closed.

Raising the vehicle

  • Briefly press rocker switch forward.
    The vehicle is raised one level.

Lowering the vehicle

  • Briefly pull rocker switch rearward.
    The vehicle is lowered one level.
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