2017-2018 Cayenne – Manual

2017-2018 Cayenne – Manual

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Page: 226

Guide lines are superimposed on the front and rear camera views.

These guide lines indicate the direction the vehicle can follow with the steering wheel in the current position. The guide lines change with the position of the front wheels.

Deactivating Surround View

  • Deactivate ParkAssist.
  1. Please see chapter “Deactivating ParkAssist” on page 224.


Due to its design, ParkAssist cannot detect the following things:

  1. sound-absorbing obstacles (e.g. wintry conditions, powder snow, clothing made from fabric or fur)
  2. sound-reflecting obstacles (e.g. glass surfaces and flat painted surfaces)
  3. very thin obstacles (e.g. thin posts)
  4. In addition, other ultrasonic sources (e.g. pneumatic brakes of other vehicles, sweeping machines and jack hammers) may interfere with the detection of obstacles.

Maintenance notes

  • The sensors and cameras must always be kept free of dust, ice and snow in order to ensure that they are fully functional.
  • Do not damage sensors and cameras by abrasion or scratching.
  • Maintain sufficient distance when cleaning with high-pressure cleaning equipment. The sensors and cameras will be damaged if the pressure is too high.
  • Structural changes to the vehicle, e.g. holders for license plates/interchangeable license plates or bent or inadequately secured license plates, can have an adverse effect on the system.
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