2017-2018 Cayenne – Manual

2017-2018 Cayenne – Manual

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Lane Change Assist (LCA)

Lane Change Assist (LCA) warns the driver about vehicles approaching from behind or those in the blind-spot. This applies when overtaking other vehicles and when being overtaken. Integrated warning indicators in both door mirrors light up as soon as a dangerous situation is identified and changing lanes seems essential.

Fig. 123: Warning indicator B on door mirror and button A for switching on and off

Switching Lane Change Assist on and off

Lack of attention
Even with Lane Change Assist, absolute care and attention on the part of the driver is still required while driving. Ultimately, the driver is still responsible for changing lanes.

  • Keep the direction of travel and the relevant area around the vehicle in view at all times.

Impaired radar sensor vision
The view of the radar sensor can be reduced in tight bends, when approaching crests and in adverse weather conditions (rain, snow, ice, heavy spray). Vehicles will not be detected properly or may not be detected at all.

  • Keep the direction of travel and the relevant area around the vehicle in view at all times.

Vehicles not detected
Lane Change Assist cannot alert you in good time to vehicles approaching at high speed from behind or vehicles that are falling back.

Lane Change Assist does not work in tight corners (curve radius of less than 330 ft (100 m)).

Lane Change Assist only alerts you to approaching vehicles or vehicles in the blind-spot above a driving speed of approx. 20 mph (30 km/h).

  • Keep the direction of travel and the relevant area around the vehicle in view at all times.

Switching Lane Change Assist on

  • Press button A.
    The light indicator on the button lights up.

Switching Lane Change Assist off

  • Press button A again.
    The light indicator on the button goes out.

General information

  1. The system provides assistance on freeways and country highways at a driving speed between approx. 20 and 156 mph (30 km/h and 250 km/h).
  2. Lane Change Assist is not available if it detects that the radar sensors for Lane Change Assist are covered.
  3. The radar sensors can sometimes detect other objects (e.g. high or raised crash barriers), not just vehicles.
  4. The display is designed so that you notice it merely by glancing at the door mirror.


  • If the positions of the radar sensors were changed following a rear-impact collision, for example, always have the Lane Change Assist system checked at an authorized Porsche dealer for safety reasons.

To ensure that Lane Change Assist can work properly:

  • Do not cover the radar sensor area on the rear bumper (Fig. 124) with objects (e.g. stickers).
    Also remove any dirt, snow and ice from this area.
  • Do not cover the warning indicator on the door mirror (e.g. with stickers).

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