2017-2019 911 Carrera – Manual

2017-2019 911 Carrera – Manual

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Page: 130

Instrument panel

Abb. 92: Displays in the instrument panel

A – Engine oil temperature gauge
If the engine oil temperature is too high, a warning message is displayed on the multifunction display.

  • Reduce engine speed and load immediately.
  1. Please see chapter "Warning and Information Messages" on page 302.

B - Speedometer

C - Tachometer
The start of the red zone on the tachometer scale is a visual warning of the maximum permissible engine speed.

D - Multifunction display

  1. Please see chapter "Multifunction Display" on page 163.

E - Coolant temperature gauge
Pointer in the lower area – engine cold

  • Avoid high engine speeds and heavy engine loads.

Pointer in the middle – normal operating temperature
Pointer may move up to the red area when the engine is under heavy load and outside temperature is high.

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