2017-2019 718 Cayman – Manual

2017-2019 718 Cayman – Manual

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Page: 85

Adjusting Child seat After Fastening
Moving the seat could adjust the seat belt against the child restraint and cause the PASS AIR BAG OFF indicator light to go off and activate the airbag system.

  • After fastening the child restraint system, do not adjust the seat in any direction.
  • Check the condition of the passenger airbag system shown by the indicator light in the overhead operating console.

Activating the automatic locking retractor

  1. Adjust the passenger seat as far away from the airbag as possible.
  2. Position child seat according to the child seat’s manufacturer instructions.
  3. Pull the seat belt retractor completely out. At this point the locking mechanism is activated.
  4. Insert the seat belt tongue into the buckle and make certain that it is properly latched. Make no more adjustments to the seat.
  5. Allow the seat belt to retract until it is tight on the child restraint system. You may further tighten the belt by pulling on it to allow more of it to retract.
    Make sure that excessive seat belt forces do not occur by moving the seat with the child seat installed.

Releasing the seat belt

  1. Unbuckle the seat belt latch.
  2. Then make certain that the belt has fully retracted. At this point the automatic locking feature will be disengaged.
  3. Seek appropriate advice from your authorized Porsche dealer about the possible installation of a Porsche child restraint system.

Top Tether

Top Tether child seats are the best option for mounting a child seat in your Porsche.

Such Top Tether child seats can be installed only using the Top Tether on the rear wall behind the passenger seat. Use only child restraint systems with Top Tether recommended by Porsche.

These systems have been tested and adjusted to the interior of your Porsche and the appropriatechild weight groups.

Other systems have not been tested and could entail an increased risk of injury.

  • To ensure proper installation, see your authorized Porsche dealer e Always observe the separate installation instructions for your child seat.
  1. Please see chapter "Automatic locking retractor" on page 84

Misuse of Childseat Restraint Anchorages
Child restraint anchorages are designed to withstand only those loads imposed by correctly fitted child restraints. Under no circumstances are they to be used for adults safety belts or harnesses.

  • Do not misuse the child restraint anchorages. Only attach one child seat tether per anchorage.
  • They are not designed to withstand loads imposed by adults.

When using a child restraint system with a top tether, the anchorage point on the rear wall behind the passenger seat is used to secure the top tether.

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