2017-2019 718 Cayman – Manual

2017-2019 718 Cayman – Manual

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Page: 318

Wheels and tires

Wheel and tire sizes
Tires approved by Porsche are the optimum tires for your vehicle. The load capacity code number (e.g. "92") and speed code letter for permitted maximum speed (e.g. "Y") are minimum requirements. When fitting new or different tires:

  1. Please see chapter "Tires and Wheels" on page 246.
  • Only fit snow chains to the correctly marked wheel and tire sizes and only on the rear wheels.
    Observe the applicable national regulations regarding maximum speeds when snow chains are fitted.
    Only use Porsche-approved fine-link edge chains.

Improper Tire Size
Installation of sizes not authorized by Porsche may impair driving stability and could result in loss of control of the vehicle.

  • Before mounting new tires check with your authorized Porsche dealer for a current list of approved tires.

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