2017-2019 718 Cayman – Manual

2017-2019 718 Cayman – Manual

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Page: 193

Inserting a CD/DVD

Fig. 154: Loading a CD/DVD or SD card

Removing a CD/DVD

Inserting an SD Card

Risk of damage to the PCM owing to incorrect use of SD cards.

If you are using SD adapter cards, there is a risk of the SD card falling out of the adapter due to vibration, so that the individual components of the card may remain stuck in the SD card reader.

  • Only use single-component SD cards.

Inserting an SD card

Removing an SD card

  1. SD and SIM card reader cover open.

Inserting and removing SIM cards

  1. Please see chapter "Establishing a data connection via a SIM card" on page 86.

Connecting an external device

Information on supported media and file formats:

  1. Please see chapter "Porsche Communication Management (PCM)" on page 322.

With some external devices it may be necessary to adjust the volume separately.

  1. Set the volume on the external device.
  2. Set the desired volume on the PCM.

Connecting an external device via the USB or AUX port

Fig. 155: USB port and universal audio interface (AUX) in glove compartment

Fig. 156: USB port in center console

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