2017-2019 718 Cayman – Manual

2017-2019 718 Cayman – Manual

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Deleting or editing destinations and tours.

To delete all stored destinations or tours, select button or button Fav button before selecting an entry from the list.

Displaying and editing route

  1. Route guidance has started.

– Route options:

  1. Route type: Settings for route calculation options (fast, short, ecological).
  2. Avoiding options for route calculation: Settings for avoiding or including toll roads, freeways, ferries/car trains, tunnels, and mountain passes when route planning.
  3. Dynamic reroute: For avoiding traffic congestion and obstructions using dynamic route guidance.
  4. Show traffic announcements

– List view: Next distinctive route points (POIs, turning-off points) are displayed.
– Tour: The active tour route guidance destinations and distances are displayed.
– Alternate routes: Alternative routes to the current route guidance route can be selected. To start an alternative route, select Start .

Using personal routes

The PCM can learn frequently traveled routes and suggest them as a destination for route guidance. A personal route is created automatically as soon as an identical route is traveled twice.

Activating personal routes

Accessing personal routes

  1. Personal routes are activated.


  1. A maximum of 3 suggested personal routes are available. Suggested routes are prioritized according to how frequently an identical route is traveled.
  2. The traffic situation for available personal routes is displayed depending on the current vehicle position.
  3. The PCM identifies whether the route is traveled during the week or at the weekend. Recorded personal routes are only displayed at the appropriate time - either at the weekend or during the week.
  4. Opening Smart routing stops active route guidance.

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