2017-2019 718 Cayman – Manual

2017-2019 718 Cayman – Manual

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Porsche Connect app
By using the Porsche Connect App in conjunction with your mobile device, you can display and use content from certain multimedia, information, and communication services in your vehicle. Using the Porsche Connect App, you can log in to service providers you are already registered with by using your personal login details and access content from these services. In this case, data exchange only takes place between the service provider, your mobile device, and the infotainment system in your vehicle. Only if you have given your express permission can the Porsche Connect App access the contact list, calendar, camera, and images on your mobile device to personalize certain destinations, and process and use information from here locally on the mobile device and the infotainment system of your vehicle. The Porsche Connect app gathers, processes and uses personal data such as login information and content solely to facilitate a data connection to the services and to enable these to be used locally in the app on your mobile device and in the vehicle. This data will not be transferred through the Porsche Connect App to Porsche or other third parties except for the relevant service provider.

Online functions in the PCM
By activating special information services, such as Google® Earth, Google® Street View and Realtime Traffic Information, you can make use of further functions while in your vehicle. Porsche forwards anonymous license information to the respective service provider for this purpose. Using a secure connection channel, information can be exchanged anonymously exclusively between your vehicle and the service provider, and content from the service provider can be displayed in the vehicle. Porsche cannot access this content. The inventory and usage data required to make it possible to use this service are only processed and used by Porsche to render the service and for it to function correctly in accordance with the legal requirements in force. Porsche does not provide this data to third parties.

Location information
If you have activated the location functions of your mobile device, service providers may be able to access your location information when you use the Porsche Connect app. Porsche will not gather, process or use your location information in connection with your use of the Porsche Connect app.

By enabling integrated services such asGoogle® Earth, Google® Street View, Realtime Traffic Information, you can also make use of location-based functions in your vehicle. It is possible to exchange anonymized location information between your vehicle and the service provider by means of a secure connection channel and location-specific content can be displayed in the vehicle. Porsche does not gather, process, or use any location information as part of these services.

If you use the "Online search (GOOGLE® Search)" functions, location information and search requests are sent pseudonymized to Porsche from the vehicle and used to find points of interest. Anonymous search queries will also be forwarded to content providers. Porsche only gathers, processes, and uses your location information temporarily, and to render the service and for it to function correctly in accordance with the legal requirements in force. Porsche does not pass any personal location data to service providers or third parties.

Vehicles with the “Realtime Traffic Information” service switched on help to determine the situation on the roads and form traffic predictions in the most precise way possible. Anonymized location information, including the position, direction of travel and speed of your vehicle is transferred to the traffic data provider at regular intervals and processed. If you do not want to use the “Realtime Traffic Information” function you can switch it off at any time.

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