2017-2019 718 Cayman – Manual

2017-2019 718 Cayman – Manual

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Instrument panel

Fig. 85: Displays in the instrument panel

A – Speedometer

B – Tachometer
The start of the red zone on the tachometer scale is a visual warning of the maximum permissible engine speed.

C – Multifunction display

  1. Please see chapter "Multifunction Display" on page 168.

D – Reset button for trip mileage display and brightness setting for instrument lighting and PCM

  1. Please see chapter "Instrument and Interior Lighting" on page 123.

E – Total mileage and trip milage display
The upper display counts the total mileage, the lower display shows individual trips.
The trip mileage display returns to "0" after exceeding 6,213 miles or 9,999 kilometers. Resetting trip display manually:

  • Press and hold the trip display reset button D for approx. 1 second.
    The trip mileage display is reset to "0".

F – Digital speedometer

G – Upshift indicator
Depending on the selected gear, engine speed and accelerator pedal position, the fuel economyoriented upshift indicator lights up, prompting you to shift to a higher gear.
The upshift prompt is only available in manual selection mode.

  • Shift to the next-higher gear when the upshift indicator lights up.
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