2017-2019 718 Cayman – Manual

2017-2019 718 Cayman – Manual

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Page: 123

Instrument and Interior Lighting

Adjusting brightness of instrument lighting

Fig. 83: Adjustment button

The lighting is automatically adjusted to the ambient brightness by means of light sensors.

In addition, it is possible to adjust the instrument and switch brightness manually when the vehicle lighting system is switched on.

  • Turn and hold adjustment button A in the appropriate direction until the desired brightness is reached.

Adjusting the brightness while driving
Adjusting the brightness while driving could cause you to suddenly loose control of the vehicle.

  • Do not reach between the steering-wheel spokes while driving.

Switching the interior lighting on and off

Fig. 84: Buttons for interior/reading lights

AButton for interior/reading lights
BSwitching the automatic interior lighting on and off

Switching the interior/reading light on and off

  • Press button A.

Adjusting the brightness (dimming)

  • Press and hold button A for at least one second until the desired brightness is reached.

Switching the automatic interior lighting on and off
Depending on the equipment, the automatic interior lighting can be switched on and off with button B or in the multifunction display menu.

Using button B:

  • Press button B.
    When interior lighting is switched off, the light indicator on the button lights up.

If the interior lighting is switched on and darkness falls, the interior lighting is

  1. switched on: when a door is unlocked or opened or when the vehicle key is removed from the ignition.
  2. switched off: after a delay of around 120 seconds after both doors are closed. The off delay can be adjusted on the multifunction display. The interior lighting goes out as soon as the ignition is switched on or the vehicle is locked.

On the multifunction display:

  1. Please see chapter "Activating or deactivating interior lights when the door is opened" on page 273.

Switching off of interior lighting to save the battery
In darkness, the interior lighting is switched off automatically after around 15 minutes if the engine is switched off in order to save the vehicle battery.

During daylight hours, manually activated interior lights are automatically switched off after around 1 minute.

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