2017-2019 718 Cayman – Manual

2017-2019 718 Cayman – Manual

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Page: 102

Emergency Starting

If the battery is flat, the battery of another vehicle can be used for starting and as an external power supply with the help of jumper cables. Both batteries must be 12 V batteries. The capacity (Ah) of the donor battery must not be substantially less than that of the flat battery. The flat battery must be connected correctly to the vehicle’s electrical system.

  1. Please see chapter "Battery" on page 63.

Unsuitable jumper cables and following incorrect procedures
Starting the vehicle using unsuitable jumper cables or following incorrect procedures can cause short circuits. The short circuit can cause a fire.

  • Use only standard jumper cables with sufficient cross section and completely insulated clamps. Follow the instructions provided by the jumper cable manufacturer.
  • The vehicles must not touch, otherwise current may flow as soon as the positive terminals are connected.
  • Ensure that conductive jewelry (e.g. rings, chains, watch straps) does not come into contact with live parts of the vehicle.
  • Never connect jumper cables directly to the battery. Always connect jumper cables to the emergency starting terminals.

Emergency starting a frozen or damaged battery
When emergency starting a frozen or damaged battery, there is a danger of explosion and chemical burns.

  • Never emergency start a frozen or damaged battery.

Corrosive electrolyte
Lead batteries contain highly caustic battery acid that can cause damage to the skin and clothing in the event of contact.

  • Protective gloves and goggles must be worn.
  • If you get electrolyte, which is an acid, in your eyes or on your skin, immediately rinse with cold water for several minutes.
  • To prevent acid from leaking out, do not tilt the battery.

Performing emergency starting

Fig. 71: Battery terminals

APositive terminal +
BGround point

  1. Open front luggage compartment lid.
  1. Please see chapter "Emergency unlocking of the luggage compartment lid" on page 147.
  1. Remove cover in front luggage compartment.
  1. To remove the cover: Please see chapter "Removing and stowing tire sealing compound or tool box" on page 141.
  1. Connect the red positive cable to the positive terminal A of the flat battery.
  2. Connect the red positive cable to the positive terminal of the donor battery.
  3. Connect the black negative cable to the negative terminal of the donor battery.
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