2017-2019 718 Boxster – Manual

2017-2019 718 Boxster – Manual

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Convertible top

  1. Please see chapter "Car Care" on page 70.
  2. lease see chapter "Warning and Information Messages" on page 284.

Risk of damage to the convertible top and convertible-top mechanism.

  • Do not operate the convertible top:
  1. At temperatures below 32 °F (0 °C).
  2. When one side of the vehicle is on a curb, a lifting platform or a jack.
  • Avoid frequent operation of the convertible top with the engine off; the vehicle battery will rapidly discharge.
  • Only drive with the convertible top fully open or closed.
  • When opening or closing the convertible top, ensure that there is sufficient clearance above it (e.g. in the garage).
  • To prevent damp stains and abrasion damage, open the convertible top only when it is in a dry, clean state.
  • Park the vehicle in the shade if possible, since continuous exposure to the sun attacks textiles, rubber and colors.
  • The convertible top may only be operated when driving on a level surface.
  • Do not operate the convertible top in strong winds or storms.

Opening and closing the convertible top

Opening and closing the convertible top
When opening and closing the convertible top, parts of the body can become trapped between the convertible-top mechanism or convertible-top compartment lid and fixed vehicle parts.

  • Make sure that nobody is at risk of injury from the convertible-top mechanism or the convertible-top compartment lid.
  • In order to interrupt convertible-top operation in the event of danger, immediately release the button in the vehicle or on the vehicle key.
  • Keep the lids of the vanity mirrors in the sun visors closed when closing the convertible top.

The front side windows are automatically opened and automatically closed again during opening and closing of the convertible top if convertible top operation is continued after it has reached its final position.

Fig. 51: Opening the convertible top using the button

Fig. 52: Closing the convertible top using the button

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