2017-2019 718 Boxster – Manual

2017-2019 718 Boxster – Manual

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Page: 54

Setting air quantity

The selected air quantity is shown in a bar display next to button . The more bars that are displayed, the more air flows into the vehicle interior.

Increasing and reducing air quantity

  • Press button upward or downward.

If the air quantity was reduced so much that OFF appears on the air-conditioning display, the outside air supply is interrupted and the airconditioning is switched off.

Impaired vision with air quantity OFF
The windows can mist up if the air quantity setting is OFF.

  • Press button upward (increase air quantity).

Adjusting the air distribution

Fig. 25: Buttons for air distribution

Adjusting the air distribution

  1. Vents open.
  • Press button .
    The air flows to the windshield and the side windows.

  • Press button .
    The air flows from the central and side vents.

  • Press button .
    The air flows to the footwell.
    The light indicator on the relevant button lights up.

Adjusting air vents

Fig. 26: Adjusting air vents

Opening and closing air vents

  • Turn thumbwheel on the air vent clockwise or anti-clockwise.

Changing air flow direction

  • Swivel vent vanes in the desired direction.

Switching the cooling function on/ off

If you wish to cool the passenger compartment to a temperature lower than the outside temperature, the cooling function must be activated.

Fig. 27: Switching the cooling function on/off

Switching on the cooling function

  • Press button .
    The light indicator on the button lights up.
    The cooling function is activated.

Switching off the cooling function
The cooling function can be switched off, to save fuel, for example.

  • Press button .
    The light indicator on the button goes out.
    The cooling function is deactivated.
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