2017-2018 718 Boxster – Manual

2017-2018 718 Boxster – Manual

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Acute warning (visual, acoustic and tactile)

Fig. 11: Prewarning

If the driver fails to respond to the prewarning by braking, the acute warning is output soon afterward, consisting of a jolt of the brakes and simultaneous visual and acoustic warnings.

A braking jolt is initiated by means of a very rapid build-up of brake pressure in order to draw the driver’s attention to the traffic situation.

The driver can then take the appropriate evasive action to avoid a collision.

Insufficient distance
Chance of collision with the vehicle ahead

  • Brake immediately.

In the situations described below it is assumed that the driver is alert and that the prewarning and acute warning functions are suppressed:

  1. The driver is driving round tight bends.
  2. The driver is braking.
  3. The driver accelerates rapidly - an active driving intention (e.g. overtaking maneuver) is deduced from this behavior.

Switching Porsche Active Safe (PAS) warnings on/off
The latent warning and prewarning are deactivated by default; the acute warning is active. To switch on the latent warning and prewarning on the multifunction display:

  1. Please see chapter "Switching Porsche Active Safe (PAS) prewarning on and off" on page 272.
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