2017-2018 718 Boxster – Manual

2017-2018 718 Boxster – Manual

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Failure to correctly detect the end of the vehicle up ahead
The adaptive cruise control radar sensor may not be able to or may incorrectly detect the end of vehicles with large projecting parts driving ahead.

  • Particular attentiveness is required while driving.
  • Brake if necessary.

Active safety - Porsche Active Safe (PAS)

The adaptive cruise control sensor is used for the Porsche Active Safe (PAS) functions.

These are:

  1. Prefilling the brake system
    Prefilling of the brake system if the radar sensor detects that the vehicle is coming critically close to a moving obstacle in order to improve braking response.

  2. BrakeAssist
    In the event of emergency braking where the pedal force is insufficient, the BrakeAssist provides the braking pressure necessary for maximum deceleration at all 4 wheels.
    Reducing the trigger threshold of the brake assist system if the sensor detects a critical approach to a moving obstacle. Depending on the degree of severity of the hazardous situation, the trigger threshold of the brake assist system is reduced in three stages.

  3. Target braking
    The brake pressure can be increased appropriately to the situation if the radar sensor simultaneously detects a critical approach to a moving obstacle and insufficient braking force. If necessary, the full force of the brakes is applied.

All Porsche Active Safe (PAS) functions are active for speeds in excess of approx. 20 mph (30 km/ h).

Latent warning (visual)

Fig. 9: Visual latent warning

If the distance when traveling behind another vehicle for a long period is too small to avoid a collision if the vehicle ahead were to brake, the latent warning (yellow icon) appears on the multifunction display to warn the driver.

  • Increase the distance from the vehicle in front as necessary.

Prewarning (visual and acoustic signal)

Fig. 10: Prewarning

If the radar sensor detects a critical approach to a moving obstacle ahead with a high potential for collision, the visual and acoustic prewarnings are output.

The driver can then take the appropriate evasive action to avoid a collision.

Insufficient distance
Chance of collision with the vehicle ahead

  • Brake immediately.

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