2017-2019 718 Boxster – Manual

2017-2019 718 Boxster – Manual

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Selecting the correct seat position

A correct sitting position is important to ensure safe and fatigue-free driving. To adjust the position of the driver’s seat, proceed as follows:

  1. Adjust the seat height so that sufficient headroom and a clear view of the road from the vehicle are ensured.
  2. Move the seat in the fore-and-aft direction so that you can reach and press the pedals without stretching your legs out completely. Your foot should cover the entire surface of the pedal.
  3. Grip the upper part of the steering wheel. Adjust the backrest angle and steering wheel position so that your arms are almost extended. Your shoulders must still be touching the backrest.
  4. Move the seat in the fore-and-aft direction if necessary.

Adjusting seat

Adjusting the seat while driving
The seat may move further than desired if you attempt to adjust it while driving. You may loose control of the vehicle.

  • Do not adjust the seat while driving. The backrest locks must be engaged at all times while the vehicle is in motion.

The driver and front passenger seats provide integrated head restraints in the backrests. The head restraints are not adjustable. The rear seats do not provide head restraints.

Failure to adjust backrests
All occupants, including the driver, should not operate a vehicle or sit in a vehicle’s seat until the backrests are placed in their proper positions so that the risk of neck injuries is minimized in the event of a crash.

  • Adjust the backrest's inclination such that the headrest is in an upright position.
  • Driver and passengers should be seated upright and in the center of their seats.

Seat adjustment
If persons or animals are within the range of movement of the seat, there is a risk of parts of the body being pinched or crushed when you adjust the seat.

  • Adjust the seat so that no one is put at risk.
  • Do not activate the memory button if anything or anyone is in the way.
  • Cancel automatic adjustment by pressing any of the seat adjustment buttons.

Risk of damage to windshield, sun visor, wind deflector, etc. when the seat is adjusted or folded back or forward.

  • Adjust the seat so that the seat backrest is not in contact with any other object.

Adjusting sports seat/sports seat plus

Fig. 176: Adjusting sports seat/sports seat plus

1Adjusting seat height
2Adjusting backrest angle
3Adjusting fore-and-aft position

  • Operate lever 1 until the desired seat height is reached:
    Upwards = seat moves upward
    Downwards = seat moves downward
  • Operate switch 2 until the desired backrest angle is reached.
  • Lift the locking lever 3, move the seat to the desired position and then release the lever.
    Ensure that the seat engages properly.
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