2015-2016 Cayenne – Manual

2015-2016 Cayenne – Manual

Page: 67

Information on air-conditioning compressor
The air-conditioning compressor:

  1. Can switch off briefly to ensure sufficient engine cooling if the engine is operating under extreme load.
  2. Automatically switches off at temperatures below approx. 3 °C and cannot be switched on, even manually.
  3. Operates most effectively with the windows closed. If the vehicle has been in the sun for a long time, it is a good idea to ventilate the interior briefly with the windows open.
  4. Depending on the outside temperature and humidity, condensation can drip from the evaporator and form a pool under the vehicle.
    This is normal and not a sign of leaks.

Air-recirculation mode
Switching air-recirculation mode on

  • Press the button.
    The indicator light on the button comes on.
    The outside-air supply is interrupted and only the inside air is recirculated.

Switching air-recirculation mode off

  • Press the button.
    The indicator light on the button goes out.

If the air-conditioning compressor is switched off manually or automatically, air-recirculation mode ends after approx. 3 minutes.

Setting automatic air-recirculation mode
In automatic air-recirculation mode, the fresh air supply is adjusted depending on the air quality.

Automatic air-recirculation mode can be switched on and off on the multi-function display.

At outside temperatures below approx. 5 °C, air-recirculation mode is deactivated automatically to prevent the windows from misting.

For information on adjusting automatic air-recirculation mode on the multi-function display:

  • Please refer to chapter “SETTING AIR CONDITIONING” on page 132.

The recommended operating mode is automatic air-recirculation mode (default setting).

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