2015-2016 Cayenne – Manual

2015-2016 Cayenne – Manual

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Shifting gear on the multi-function sports steering wheel
By shifting gear on the multi-function sports steering wheel, you can switch temporarily from automatic selection mode D to manual mode M.

Shifting gear using the multi-function sports steering wheel can be useful in the following situations:

  1. Shifting down before bends and on entering built-up areas.
  2. Shifting down on downward slopes (engine braking).
  3. Shifting down for brief spurts of acceleration.

The manual selection mode remains engaged:

  1. For cornering (depending on the lateral acceleration) and overrunning.
  2. When the vehicle is stationary, e.g. at a junction.

The system leaves manual selection mode:

  1. automatically after approx. 8 seconds (unless cornering or overrunning).
  2. after driving off.

Driving in gliding mode
Through attentive driving, fuel can be saved in gliding mode. The vehicle rolls with the engine disengaged and at idle speed without engine braking effect.

Preconditions for automatic gliding mode

  1. Driving in selector lever position D.
  2. Auto Start Stop function/Gliding mode is on.
    Indicator light on button is off.
  3. “Sport” or “Sport Plus” mode switched off
  4. PSM is active.
  5. Cruise control is not active.
  6. Engine, transmission and battery are at operating temperature.
  7. Calm/economic driving style.
  8. No severe uphill or downhill gradients.
  • Slowly take your foot off the accelerator.
    The engine is disengaged and runs at idle speed. The vehicle rolls with no engine braking effect.

Gliding mode is recognisable by the idle speed indicated on the tachometer.

In the case of a sporty driving or when swiftly releasing the accelerator pedal, gliding mode is suppressed to allow targeted use of the engine braking effect. On more pronounced uphill gradients, “gliding” is also prevented as the gliding phases are very short due to the gradient and no significant fuel savings can be achieved.

On more pronounced downhill gradients, gliding is suppressed because here, the vehicle does not slow down, despite engine braking and no fuel is consumed in this driving situation due to utilisation of the overrun shut-off.

Ending gliding mode and utilising engine braking effect

  • Operate accelerator or brake pedal or
    pull left shift paddle “-” to the rear or
    shift down with the selector lever.

Initiating gliding mode manually

  1. Condition:
    Driving in selector-lever position D or M.

When gliding mode is suppressed, e.g. in the case of sporty driving, sudden release of the accelerator pedal or excessively low engine temperature, gliding mode can be initiated manually.

  • Take your foot off the accelerator and shift up beyond the highest possible driving range using the shift paddle or the selector lever.
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