2015-2016 Cayenne – Manual

2015-2016 Cayenne – Manual

Page: 132

Setting door locking
You can configure the doors to remain unlocked or lock automatically after a delay on entering the vehicle.

Available setting options:

  1. "Off"
    The doors are not locked automatically after entering the vehicle.
  2. "After ign. on"
    The doors are locked automatically when the ignition is switched on.
  3. "After drive-off"
    The doors are locked automatically after driving off.

Switching Comfort Entry on and off
You can configure the driver’s seat and steering wheel to move back automatically and allow the driver to get in and out of the vehicle more easily.

Switching auto memory on and off
It is possible to determine whether personal settings are to be stored automatically on the driver’s key when locking the vehicle.

For information on storing and retrieving personal settings:

  • Please refer to chapter “STORING PERSONAL SETTINGS” on page 150.

Setting air conditioning
The automatic air conditioning can be changed individually.

Adjusting air flow
The strength of the air flow and the air quantity can be adjusted.

Available setting options:

  1. "Soft"
    Recommended for passengers sensitive to draughts with a preference for gentle air conditioning.
  2. "Normal"
    Default setting.
  3. "Strong"
    Stronger ventilation in the passenger compartment. The air flow is clearly noticeable.
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