2014-2016 Panamera – Manual

2014-2016 Panamera – Manual

Page: 268

Paint care
In order to protect the paint on your vehicle in the best possible way against mechanical and chemical damage, you should

  • preserve it regularly,
  • polish it if necessary,
  • remove spots and stains, and
  • repair damaged paintwork.


  • Never rub a dusty vehicle with a dry cloth, because the grains of dirt will damage the paintwork.
  • Do not treat matt-painted components with preservatives or polishes as these remove the matt effect.

The paint surface becomes dull over time due to weathering.

  • Preserve paint regularly.
  • Apply paint preservative after washing the vehicle and polish it smooth to preserve the paintwork.

This keeps the paint shiny and elastic. Dirt is prevented from adhering to the paint surface and industrial dust is prevented from penetrating the paint.

Only when the original shine can no longer be obtained using preservatives should paint polish be used to clean the paint.

We recommend Porsche paint polish.

Removing spots and stains

  • Remove tar spatters, traces of oil, insects etc. as soon as possible using an insect remover, as they discolour the paint if left to work on it over time.
  • Wash the treated areas carefully afterwards.

Repairing minor paint damage

  • Have minor paint damage (cracks, scratches or stone damage) repaired immediately before corrosion begins.
    Please contact a qualified specialist workshop.
    We recommend that you get an authorized Porsche dealer to do this work as they have trained workshop personnel and the necessary parts and tools.

If traces of corrosion have already formed, these must be thoroughly removed. An anti-corrosion primer must then be applied to these spots, followed by top-coat paint.

Paint data can be found on the vehicle data carrier.

  • Please see the chapter "VEHICLE IDENTIFICATION NUMBER" on page 320.

Cleaning the engine compartment

Risk of damage, e.g. to the alternator, electrical components and plug connections, painted surfaces and valve covers.

  • Never use high-pressure cleaners with a round-jet nozzle.
  • Always observe a minimum distance of 20 in. (50 cm).
  • Always cover the lid of the brake fluid reservoir prior to cleaning with a high-pressure cleaner.
    Never point the cleaning jet directly at the lid.
  • Cover the spark plug shafts.
  • Do not point the cleaning jet directly at any of the aforementioned components.

Cleaning windows

  • Clean all windows regularly, inside and out, with window cleaner.
    We recommend Porsche window cleaner.
  • Do not use the same chamois for painted surfaces and for drying the windows.
    Preservative residues could reduce transparency.
  • Remove insect residues with insect remover.

The front side windows have a water-repellent (hydrophobic) coating, which prevents soiling of the windows.

This coating is subject to natural wear and can be renewed.

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