2014-2016 Panamera – Manual

2014-2016 Panamera – Manual

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Variable door stops
Your vehicle is equipped with variable door stops. The four vehicle doors are stopped in each opening position.

  • Open the vehicle door and hold it in the required position for approx. 1 second.

Releasing the vehicle door from the stopped position requires slightly increased force.

Switching off operational readiness (for vehicles with Porsche Entry & Drive)
Operational readiness of Porsche Entry & Drive is switched off after 96 hours for the driver’s door and after 36 hours for the passenger doors if the vehicle is not unlocked within this time.

  1. Pull the door handle once to activate the system again.
  2. Pull the door handle again to open the door.

Locking doors
Locking with the key

  1. Close the door.
  2. Press button once.
    The emergency flasher flashes twice and an acoustic signal will sound twice.
    The doors cannot be opened from outside. or
    If persons or animals are remaining in the vehicle, press button twice within 2 seconds.
    After the 2nd actuation of the button the emergency flasher emits one long flash.
    The doors can be opened from inside by pulling once on the front door opener or by pulling twice on the rear door opener.
  3. Inform any persons remaining in the vehicle that the alarm system will be triggered if the door is opened.


  • The vehicle cannot be locked if the driver’s door is not completely closed.
    The emergency flasher indicates that the vehicle has been locked successfully only when all the doors, the engine compartment lid and the tailgate are closed.
  • When locking with only the driver’s door closed, the vehicle is pre-locked. Make sure that the key is located outside the vehicle when the remaining doors or tailgate are locked.
    If the key remains in the vehicle, the vehicle can be unlocked again only with the second key.

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