2014-2016 Panamera – Manual

2014-2016 Panamera – Manual

Page: 249


  • There is no guarantee that the theft of a vehicle will always be detected.
  • The PVTS alarm can also be triggered if the vehicle battery is flat.
    For information on the battery:
    Please see the chapter "BATTERY (12 VOLT)" on page 303.


  • If the vehicle was stolen, the control center can prevent the engine from being started.
  • On vehicles with the smartphone app Porsche Car Connect, the app is prevented from accessing the vehicle if it is stolen.

Operating PVTS without driver card
No intervention on your part is required during normal operation of the Porsche Vehicle Tracking System (PVTS).

Operating PVTS with driver card
The PVTS is deactivated automatically by an active (switched-on) driver card.

Switching on driver card

  • Press button A on the driver card.
    The LED B flashes quickly. When you release button A, the LED flashes at intervals of approx. 3 seconds.

If the LED on an active driver card stops flashing either at intervals of three seconds or when you press button A on the driver card, the battery is flat and must be changed.

For information on changing the battery:

  • Please see the chapter "CHANGING DRIVER CARD BATTERY"
    on page 251.

Switching off driver card

  • Press button A on the driver card and keep it pressed for approx. 8 seconds until the LED B goes out.
  • Switch off the driver card if it is not used for a long time in order to extend the battery life.

During transportation by aircraft, the driver card must be switched off in accordance with the guidelines that apply to aircraft.

Activating PVTS with driver card

  • Switch off ignition and take the driver card with you when you leave the vehicle.
    If the driver card is a sufficient distance away from the vehicle, the PVTS is activated after approx. 70 seconds.
    Any attempt to steal the vehicle can be detected.

Deactivating PVTS with driver card

  • Store the driver card in the center console of the vehicle or keep it on your person.
    The PVTS is deactivated if the active driver card is in the vehicle or in the immediate vicinity of the vehicle.


  • Do not place the driver card in the luggage or engine compartment or close to metal, e.g. coins.
  • Vehicles are very often stolen using stolen vehicle keys. Do not attach the driver card to the vehicle key.

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