2014-2016 Macan – Manual

2014-2016 Macan – Manual

Page: 311

  1. Check inflation pressure with the pressure gauge. Then reduce tire pressure or add more air if necessary.
    Check the inflation pressure again.
  • Please see the chapter “TIRE PRESSURE FOR COLD TIRES (68 °F (20 °C))” on page 336.
  1. Unscrew the compressor’s filling hose.
  2. Screw valve cap onto the tire valve.

Reducing inflation pressure

  1. Switch off compressor.
  2. Open air bleed screw on the filling hose until the correct inflation pressure is achieved.

Electrical System
In order to avoid damage and faults in electrical or electronic systems, electrical accessories should be installed at your authorized Porsche dealer.

  • Use only accessories approved by Porsche.

Changing Fuses
Replacing fuses or relays with the engine running or the ignition on could cause electrical shock.

  • Disconnect the negative terminal on the battery during all work on the electrical system.
  • Please see the chapter “BATTERY (12-VOLT)” on page 314.

Relays should be checked or changed only at an authorized workshop.

Changing fuses
In order to prevent damage to the electrical system due to short circuits and overloads, the individual circuits are protected by fuses.

One fuse box can be found at the right-hand side of the luggage compartment in direction of travel. Two additional fuse boxes are located in the outer ends of the dashboard.

  1. Switch off the load with the defective fuse. Before replacing a fuse, switch off all electrical consumers and remove the car key.
  2. Open the fuse box cover.
  3. Remove the corresponding fuse from its slot in order to check it using the plastic gripper.
    A blown fuse can be identified by the melted metal strip.
  4. Replace only with fuses of the same rating. We recommend that you use genuine Porsche fuses for replacement.


  • If a fuse blows repeatedly, please consult an authorized Porsch dealer immediately, so that the short circuit can be located and corrected.
  • Never try to “repair” fuses: you may cause serious damage to other parts of the electrical system.
  • Use the plastic gripper when replacing the fuses. This can be found in the fuse box cover on the dashboard.

Opening fuse carrier on the dashboard on the driver’s side

  1. Carefully lever off the plastic cover with a screwdriver and remove it.
  2. Carefully remove the fuses using the plastic gripper and replace them if necessary.
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