2014-2016 Macan – Manual

2014-2016 Macan – Manual

Page: 293

Changing brake fluid
Brake fluid absorbs moisture from the air over time. The absorbed water can impair braking efficiency.

  • It is therefore important to have the brake fluid changed in accordance with the change intervals specified in the “Maintenance” booklet.

Brake warning light USA
Brake warning light Canada

The warning light on the instrument panel and the warning message on the multi-function display alert you to the fact that the brake fluid level is too low and could indicate brake circuit failure if the pedal travel is greater than normal.

If the warning light and warning message appear while driving:

  • Stop immediately in a suitable place.
  • Do not continue driving.
    Please have the fault remedied at your nearest authorized Porsche dealer.

For information on warning messages on the multi-function display:

  • Please see the chapter “OVERVIEW OF WARNING AND INFORMATION MESSAGES” on page 142.

Electromechanical Power Steering

No Power Steering Assist
When the engine is switched off (e.g. when on tow), no power steering assistance is available.
More effort is required to steer.

  • Exercise extreme care when your vehicle is being towed.
  • Have the fault corrected at your nearest authorized Porsche dealer.

Tires and Wheels
The original equipment tires and wheel rims on your Porsche comply with all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

For your safety remember the following:

  1. Wheel rims and wheel bolts are matched to fit your Porsche.
  2. If you intend to use other than original equipment wheels, be sure that they conform to Porsche specifications for your model. Only tires with the same make and with the same specification code (e.g. “N0”, “N1”...) can be mounted.
  3. The use of wheel rims and wheel bolts that do not meet specifications of the original factory installed equipment will affect the safe operation of your vehicle and affect warranty coverage.
  4. Before you plan on exchanging wheels, or snow tires already mounted on the wheel rims, consult your authorized Porsche dealer.
    Your dealer has the technical information necessary to advise you which wheel rims and wheel bolts are compatible with the original factory installations.

Tire Damage While Driving
Driving with damaged tires could cause you to lose control of the vehicle.

  • If while driving, your vehicle experiences a sudden vibration or ride disturbance, and/or you suspect that possible damage to your tires or vehicle has occurred, you should immediately reduce your speed without excessive use of the brakes.
  • Stop the vehicle as soon as possible, and inspect the tires.
    If you cannot determine the cause for the disturbance, have your vehicle towed to the nearest Porsche or tire dealer to have your vehicle or tire(s) inspected.
  • Continuing to operate the vehicle without correction could result in a loss of control.

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