2014-2016 Macan – Manual

2014-2016 Macan – Manual

Page: 177

– Reduce background noise by closing the windows, doors, and sunroof.
– While giving voice commands, avoid other noise in the vehicle (e.g. passengers speaking among themselves).

Injury hazard. Since stressful situations can cause your voice to change, a telephone connection you want is not established quickly enough.

  • Do not use the voice control system to operate the telephone in cases of emergency.

For safety reasons, an emergency call can only be initiated directly on the device.

Symbols in sample dialogs

A number of the voice commands initiate dialogs between you and the voice control system. A few of these dialogs are presented in the operating manual as examples.

The following symbols are used in these sample dialogs:

This symbol identifies a user voice command spoken by you.

This symbol identifies an announcement made by the PCM.

This symbol identifies something shown on the PCM display.

This symbol identifies the audible signal that sounds as soon as the PCM is ready to accept a command.


The commands supported by your voice control system are divided into two categories:

Local commands

Local commands can only be spoken within the respective main function. They are not listed here since they include all menu items shown on the display. The only exceptions are the , menus as well as the various SET menus. These are not voice controllable. The voice control system for lists is different and is described in the section "Operating lists via voice control" on page 182.

Global commands

Global commands can be spoken in any function.
They include
– the main functions of your PCM,
– selected shortcuts (branching directly to a function without opening the respective main function beforehand), as well as
– various help topics.

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