2013-2016 Cayman – Manual

2013-2016 Cayman – Manual

Page: 77

Displays on the Instrument Panel
A – Speedometer
The analogue display A is located on the left next to the tachometer in the instrument panel.

B – Tachometer
The start of the red zone on the tachometer or revcounter scale is a visual warning of the maximum permissible engine speed.

If the red zone is reached during acceleration, fuel feed is interrupted in order to protect the engine.

C – Multi-function display
For information on the multi-function display:


D – Reset button for trip counter display/ brightness setting for instrument lighting
Resetting trip counter display

  • Press rotary switch D for approx. 1 second.
    The trip counter display is reset to "0".

Adjusting brightness of instrument lighting
For information on adjusting the brightness of the instrument lighting:

  • Please see the chapter "ADJUSTING INTERIOR LIGHTS" on page 105.

E – Odometer
The displays for the total mileage and individual trips are integrated in the speedometer on the instrument panel.
The upper display counts the total mileage, the lower display shows individual trips.
After exceeding 6,213 miles or 9,999 kilometers, the trip counter returns to 0.

F – Digital speedometer
The digital speedometer F is integrated in the tachometer on the instrument panel.

G – Upshift indicator
The consumption-oriented shift indicator to the right of the digital speed display on the tachometer helps you to develop a fuel-saving driving style.
The upshift indicator lights up - prompting you to shift up to the next-higher gear - depending on the selected gear, engine speed and accelerator pedal position.
The upshift indicator is only active when "Sport" or "Sport Plus" mode is switched off.

  • Change to the next-higher gear when the upshift indicator lights up.

H – PDK indicator for selector-lever position
When the engine is running, the selector-lever position is indicated in gates D or M.

Warning messages
If the selector lever is between two positions

  1. Effects:
    The corresponding selector-lever position in the instrument panel flashes and the warning "Gearshift not engaged" appears on the multi-function display.
  2. Action required:
    Operate the footbrake and engage the selector lever properly.

If there is a fault in the transmission

  1. Depending on priority, either the "Gearbox emergency operation" warning or the warning "Drive temperature too high" will appear on the multi-function display.

Gearbox emergency program

  1. Effects:
    Restricted gearshift comfort, reverse gear may not be available.
  2. Action required:
    Have the fault corrected immediately. Please contact a qualified specialist workshop.
    We recommend that you get an authorized Porsche dealer to do this work as they have trained workshop personnel and the necessary parts and tools.
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