2013-2016 Cayman – Manual

2013-2016 Cayman – Manual

Page: 161

ABS Brake System (Anti-Lock Brake System)

Loss of control over the vehicle
In spite of the advantages of ABS, it is still the driver’s responsibility to adapt his driving style and maneuvers in line with road and weather conditions, as well as the traffic situation.

The increased safety that is provided should not induce you to take greater risks with your safety. The limits set by the physics of driving cannot be overcome, even with ABS.

Risk of accidents due to inappropriate speed cannot be reduced by ABS.

ABS ensures

  1. Full steering control
    Vehicle remains steerable
  2. Good driving stability
    No skidding due to locked wheels
  3. Optimum braking distance
    Shorter stopping distance in most cases
  4. Prevention of wheel locking
    No flat spots on the tires

The decisive advantage of ABS lies in the driving stability and manoeuvrability of the vehicle in hazardous situations.

ABS prevents locking of the wheels during full braking, on almost all road surfaces, until just before the vehicle stops.

ABS begins to control the braking process as soon as a wheel shows a tendency to lock. This controlled braking process is comparable with extremely rapid cadence braking.

The pulsating brake pedal and a "juddering noise" warn the driver to adapt his driving speed to the road conditions.

  • If full braking is necessary, press the brake pedal fully during the whole braking operation, even though the pedal is pulsating. Do not reduce brake pressure.

Warning light USA

Warning light Canada

If the ABS warning light lights up on the instrument panel while the engine is running, the ABS has switched off because of a fault.

The warning message "ABS failure" appears on the multi-function display in the instrument panel. For information on warning messages on the multi-function display:

  • Please see the chapter "OVERVIEW OF WARNING AND INFORMATION MESSAGES" on page 113.

In this case, the braking system will operate without lock prevention, as in vehicles without ABS.

  • Adapt your driving style to the changed braking behavior.
    The ABS must be checked by your Porsche dealer in order to prevent the occurrence of further faults with unpredictable consequences.
    Please contact a qualified specialist workshop.
    We recommend that you get an authorized Porsche dealer to do this work as they have trained workshop personnel and the necessary parts and tools.

The ABS control unit is adjusted for the approved tire dimensions.

The use of tires with non-approved dimensions can lead to different wheel speeds, causing ABS to switch off.

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