2013-2016 Cayman – Manual

2013-2016 Cayman – Manual

Page: 131

Brake wear warning message USA

Brake wear warning message Canada

A warning message will be displayed on the multi-function display of the instrument panel if the brake pads are worn, excessively.

  • Do not continue to operate the vehicle. Have your authorized Porsche dealer inspect or replace the brake pads.

For information on warning messages on the multi-purpose display:

  • Please see the chapter "OVERVIEW OF WARNING AND INFORMATION MESSAGES" on page 113.

Brake pads and brake disks
Wear on the brake pads and brake disks depends to a great extent on the driving style and the conditions of use and therefore cannot be expressed in actual miles on the road.

The high-performance brake system is designed for optimal braking effect at all speeds and temperatures.

Certain speeds, braking forces and ambient conditions (e.g. temperature and humidity) can therefore cause the brakes to "squeal".

Obstructed brake pedal
Unsuitable or incorrectly installed floor mats or objects can obstruct the movement of the brake pedal or prevent application of the brake pedal.

  • Do not obstruct the pedal travel with floor mats or other objects.

Wet brakes
In heavy rain, while driving through water or after leaving a car wash, the braking action may be delayed and increased pressure may be required.

  • For this reason, keep further back from the vehicle in front and "dry" the brakes by applying them at intervals. Make sure that the traffic behind you is not affected.

Reduced braking efficiency
After a long drive over salted or gritted roads, a coating may form on the brake disks and pads that significantly reduces friction and therefore also braking effect.

  • Even though the brake disks consist of alloyed gray cast iron, they will unavoidably start to corrode if your vehicle is parked for an extended period. The brakes will tend to "rub" as a result.
    The nature, extent and effects of corrosion depend on the amount of time the vehicle was parked, whether road salt or grit was spread and whether grease-dissolving agents were used in car washes (not on vehicles with Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake).
    To prevent corrosion of the brake disks, "brake them dry" before parking the vehicle (not on vehicles with Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake).
    If braking comfort is noticeably impaired, we recommend that you have the brake system checked by experts at an authorized Porsche dealer.
  • To relieve the brake system on downhill stretches, change down to a lower gear in good time (engine braking).
    If engine braking is insufficient on steep stretches, operate the footbrake at intervals. Avoid continuous braking as it overheats the brakes and reduces the braking effect.

For information on brake fluid and checking the brake fluid level:

  • Please see the chapter "BRAKE FLUID" on page 214.

New brake pads or linings
New brake pads have to be "broken in", and therefore only attain optimal friction when the car has covered several hundred miles or km.

The slightly reduced braking ability must be compensated for by pressing the brake pedal harder. This applies whenever the brake pads and/or brake disks are replaced.

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