2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

Page: 243


  • The sensors must always be kept free of dust, ice and snow in order to ensure that they are fully functional.
  • Do not damage sensors by abrasion or scratching.
  • Maintain sufficient distance when cleaning with high-pressure cleaning equipment.
    The sensors will be damaged if the pressure is too high.

Signal tones/function
When reverse gear is selected, ParkAssist confirms that it is switched on by issuing a short signal tone.

If the vehicle has front ParkAssist, no signal tone will be issued when reverse gear is selected. Instead, the ParkAssist visual display will appear on the central screen of the Porsche communication system.

A detected obstacle is signalled by an intermittent tone. The intervals decrease as the obstacle is approached.

If the distance drops to less than approx. 14 in. (35 cm), a continuous tone sounds.

  • Set the radio volume so that the signal tones are not drowned out.

You can adjust the volume of the signal tones to your own requirements.

For information on changing the signal tone volume:

  • Please see the chapter "ADJUSTING VOLUME OF WARNING AND INFORMATION TONES" on page 138.

Care Required Parking
Even when using ParkAssist, the driver is still responsible for taking due care when parking and when assessing obstacles.
A continuous tone sounds when there is a risk of collision.

  • Do not drive rearward any further once a continuous tone sounds.

Limits of ultrasonic measurement

  1. ParkAssist cannot detect sound-absorbing obstacles (e.g. winter driving, powder snow, clothing made from fabric or fur),
  2. sound-reflecting obstacles (such as glass surfaces and flat painted surfaces),
  3. and very thin obstacles (e.g. thin posts).

Other ultrasound sources (such as the pneumatic brakes of other vehicles and jack hammers) can interfere with the detection of obstacles.

Deactivating ParkAssist

  • Press button A on the overhead operating console.
    The indicator light on the button lights up.
    ParkAssist is switched off.

Fault indication
Correct operation is no longer guaranteed if there is a temporary fault (e.g. caused by ice formation or heavy soiling on the sensors).

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