2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

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Vehicles with SportDesign package

Risk of damage. Front, rear and side member trims are painted on vehicles with the SportDesign package.

Off-road driving can seriously damage these trims.

  • When driving off-road, make sure these parts are not damaged.
  • Make sure there is sufficient clearance between obstacles and the underside of the vehicle.
  • Avoid driving through water.
  • Do not use side member trims or rear wheel spoilers as a running board.

After driving off-road
Off-road driving is harder on the vehicle than normal driving on roads.

We recommend that you inspect the vehicle after off-road driving. Potential damage poses an accident risk and impairs driving comfort.

Damage to the vehicle is recognized in good time if the vehicle is checked.

Effect of Vehicle and Tire Damage
Vehicle damage poses an accident risk for the vehicle occupants and other road users.

  • If in doubt, have your vehicle checked at an authorized Porsche dealer.
  • Examine tires for signs of damage, such as cuts, tears, bulges or foreign objects stuck in the tread. Replace a damaged tire if necessary.
  • Have any damage to your vehicle repaired by an authorized Porsche dealer without delay.

Recommended procedure

  • Switch off the off-road driving program.
  • Clean headlights and tail lights and check them for signs of damage.
  • Clean the front and rear license plates.
  • Clean the tire tread with a jet of water and remove any foreign objects.
  • Clean wheels, wheel housings and the underbody with a jet of water.
  • Check whether the vehicle has picked up plant parts or branches.
    These materials increase the risk of fire and can damage fuel lines, brake hoses, boots of the axle joints and drive shafts.
  • After off-road driving, always check the entire floor assembly, tires, body structure, steering system, chassis and exhaust system for signs of damage.
  • After driving for an extended period through mud, sand, water or substances with a similar soiling effect, check the brake disks, brake pads, wheels and axle joints and have them cleaned.
  • If you experience severe vibrations after driving off-road, check the wheels for foreign substances. These substances can produce an imbalance which might be responsible for the vibrations. Removing these deposits may remedy the problem.

Off-Road driving on uphill gradients

Avoiding Overturning

  • Do not turn round when driving on uphill gradients.
  • If it is not possible to climb an uphill gradient, the vehicle must be backed down in reverse gear.
  • Do not drive over embankments or slopes at steep diagonal angles.
  • If the vehicle starts to tilt, immediately steer in the direction of the tilt (line of slope).
  • When driving on uphill gradients, never let the vehicle roll back when in neutral or not in gear.
    Exclusive use of the footbrake is too risky in such situations.

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