Manual: 2012-2016

Page: 99

Displaying and resetting average fuel consumption

You can display and reset the average fuel consumption if required.

Displaying average fuel consumption

Resetting average fuel consumption

Resetting the average fuel consumption also resets the "Total" vehicle data display in the "Trip" menu.
For information on the driving data display:

  • Please see the chapter "TRIP MENU" on page 103.

Display and measurement of the engine oil level

Risk of engine damage due to inadequate lubrication.

  • Regularly check the oil level each time before refuelling.
  • Do not allow the oil level to fall below the minimum mark.

Prerequisites for the oil-level gage:
1. Park the vehicle on a level surface.
2. Switch off engine, which is now at operating temperature.
3. Wait for approx. 1 minute.
4. Select the "Oil measurement" function on the multi-function display.

Selecting the Oil measurement function on the multi-function display

  • Please see the chapter "OVERVIEW OF WARNING AND INFORMATION MESSAGES" on page 126.

Example displays for oil level
A - Maximum oil level reached
B - Minimum oil level reached
C - Oil level below minimum
D - Oil level above maximum

Measured oil level
The oil level reading is shown on the segment display in the Oil measurement menu.

If the segments are filled in green up to the top line (illustration A), the oil level has reached the maximum mark.

  • Under no circumstances add engine oil.

If the bottom segment is shown in yellow (illustration B), the oil level has reached the minimum mark.

The message "Oil level minimum reached" appears on the multi-function display.

  • Add engine oil immediately.