Manual: 2012-2016

Page: 82

Switching off of interior/reading lights to protect the battery
In darkness, the interior lighting is switched off 16 minutes after the engine stops to preserve the vehicle battery.

In daylight conditions, interior lights that were switched on manually are switched off automatically after 1 minute.

Orientation lighting
Lights in the overhead operating console and at the ignition lock help vehicle occupants to locate important controls in the vehicle in darkness and ensure better overall orientation. The lights are switched on when the vehicle is unlocked and switched off again automatically when the vehicle is locked.

Dimming (brightness adjustment)
The brightness of the orientation lighting is adjusted on the multi-function display.

  • Please see the chapter "ADJUSTING BRIGHTNESS OF ORIENTATION LIGHTING" on page 119.

Ambient lighting
If the vehicle is driven at night, a discreet light provides subtle illumination for the passenger compartment. The ambient lighting is switched off automatically when the vehicle is locked.