Manual: 2012-2016

Page: 65

  1. Carefully lever off the cap from the roof liner using a screwdriver, for example.
  2. Take the hexagon key out of the tool kit in the luggage compartment.

For information on the tool kit:

  • Please see the chapter "TOOLS" on page 176.

  1. Insert the hexagon key all the way into the opening.
  2. Applying continuous upward pressure, turn the key clockwise until the roof is fully closed.
  3. Remove the key.
  4. Refit the cap.
  5. Stow the key in the tool kit.
  • Have the fault corrected at an authorized Porsche dealer.

Storing end position of the slide/tilt roof
The end positions of the roof are lost after disconnection/connection of the vehicle battery, if the vehicle battery is exhausted or after jump lead starting, after emergency operation or after changing the fuse for the roof.

Storing the end position

The roof closes with its full closing force when storing the end position.

  • Ensure that nobody is injured when closing the roof.

The vehicle must be stationary in order to store the end position of the roof.

  1. Switch on ignition.
  2. Pull and hold button C in the first setting until the roof closes and stops in the closed position.
    The process for storing the end position begins after approximately 10 seconds. The roof now opens and closes once automatically.
    Storage is now complete.
    If this process is not executed, please perform the following procedure:
    Pull and hold button C in the first setting until the roof closes fully and stops. If necessary, repeat the closing operation until the roof has stopped moving completely.
    The process takes a maximum of 15 seconds.
    Start the storing process again if the button is released before the roof has stopped moving completely.