Manual: 2012-2016

Page: 63

Closing the windows manually

If one-touch operation is disabled after the window is blocked, the window will close with its full closing force when the manual closing function is used.

  • Ensure that nobody can be injured, pinched or crushed when the windows close.

Storing end position of the windows after connecting the vehicle battery
The end positions of the windows are lost when the battery is disconnected and reconnected.

One-touch operation of the windows is disabled.

Perform these steps for all windows:

  1. Close window completely once by pulling the switch.
  2. If the window is completely closed, briefly pull the switch again.
  3. Open the window completely once by pressing the switch.

Slide/Tilt Roof
The slide/tilt roof can be slid open or lifted at the rear using buttons A, B and C in the center console.

Opening and closing the slide/tilt roof

When opening or closing the roof, particularly in one-touch operation, parts of the body may become trapped between the moving roof and fixed vehicle parts.

  • Ensure that nobody is injured when operating the roof.
  • Always remove the ignition key when leaving the vehicle or switch ignition off on vehicles with Porsche Entry & Drive. Always take the ignition key with you when leaving the vehicle. Uninformed persons (e.g. children) could injure themselves when operating the slide/tilt roof.
  • In case of danger, press the sliding roof button or, when opening or closing, release the vehicle key button immediately.

Damage to the roof, if the roof is opened or lifted when a roof transport system is fitted and the roof collides with the carrier/load.

  • Do not open or lift the roof when a roof transport system is fitted.

Operational readiness of the slide/tilt roof
The slide/tilt roof is ready for operation:

– With ignition switched on.

The roof is fitted with a force limiter. If the roof is obstructed during the closing operation, it opens again immediately.

At speeds above 120 mph (200 km/h) and at temperatures below --22 °F (–30 °C), the roof can only be closed. The opening function is disabled.