Manual: 2012-2016

Page: 50

Automatic anti-dazzle interior mirror
Sensors on the front and rear sides of the interior mirror measure the incident light. The mirror automatically changes to anti-dazzle position or reverts to its normal state, depending on the light intensity.

The incident light within the detection area of light sensor C must not be restricted (e.g. by stickers on the rear window).

Switching off automatic anti-dazzle function

  • Press button B.
    The indicator light A goes out.

The anti-dazzle function switches off automatically if:
– Reverse gear is engaged or
– Interior lighting is switched on.

Switching on automatic anti-dazzle function

  • Press button B.
    Indicator light A lights up.

Electrolyte fluid may escape if the mirror glass is broken

Electrolyte fluid may escape from broken mirror glass. This fluid irritates the skin and eyes.

  • If the electrolyte fluid should come into contact with the skin or eyes, rinse it off immediately with clean water.
    Seek medical attention if necessary.

Risk of damage to paintwork, leather, plastic parts and clothing.

Electrolyte fluid can be removed only while it is still wet.

  • Clean the affected parts with water.

Automatic anti-dazzle exterior mirror
The exterior mirrors change to anti-dazzle position automatically in synchronisation with the interior mirror.

Steering Wheel Heating
The steering wheel heating can be switched on and off using the button on the rear of the steering wheel when the ignition is switched on.

Switching steering wheel heating on/off

  • Press button.
    The message "Steering wheel heating switched on" or "Steering wheel heating switched off" appears on the multi-function display for 2 seconds.