Manual: 2012-2016

Page: 49

Folding exterior mirrors in and out electrically

  • Press button D.
    Both exterior mirrors fold in and out automatically.

If the electrical adjustment facility fails

  • Fold mirror in or out manually.

Folding exterior mirrors in and out automatically
The exterior mirrors are folded in automatically after the vehicle is locked.

– The function is activated on the multi-function display.

Folding exterior mirrors in automatically

  • Unlock the vehicle.
    The exterior mirrors fold out.

The exterior mirrors do not fold out automatically after the ignition is switched on if they were folded in manually using the button D.

If the electrical adjustment facility fails

  • Fold the mirror outwards by hand as far as it will go.

Storing exterior mirror settings
On vehicles with memory, individual exterior mirror settings can be stored on the person buttons on the driver's side and on the vehicle key.

For further information on retrieving and storing vehicle settings:


Exterior mirror heating
The exterior mirror heating is activated automatically when the heated rear window is switched on while the engine is running.

For information on switching on the heated rear window:

  • Please see the chapter "HEATED REAR WINDOW/ EXTERIOR MIRROR HEATING" on page 60.

If the charging condition of the battery is critical, the exterior mirror heating function is restricted initially and then switched off.

Swivelling down mirror glass as parking aid
When reverse gear is engaged, the mirror on the passenger's side swivels down slightly to show the kerb area.

  • Please see the chapter "SWIVELLING DOWN MIRROR GLASS AS PARKING AID" on page 188.

Interior Mirror
The interior mirror's reflection is undistorted. When the mirror is being adjusted, the anti-dazzle lever A must point forwards.

  • Normal position – lever forward.
  • Anti-dazzle position – swivel lever back.