Manual: 2012-2016

Page: 48

Exterior Mirrors
The convex mirror on the passenger's side and the aspherical mirror on the driver's side provide a larger field of view.

Judging Distance in Convex Side Mirror

Vehicles or objects appear smaller in convex mirrors and further away than they are in reality.

  • Bear this distortion in mind when estimating the distance of vehicles behind you and when reversing into a parking space.
  • Also make use of the interior mirror for judging distance.

Risk of damage to the exterior mirrors when washing the vehicle in a car wash.

  • Fold in exterior mirrors before using the car wash.

A – Exterior mirror selection – driver's side
B Exterior mirror selection – passenger's side
C – Adjusting exterior mirrors
D Folding in exterior mirrors electrically (where equipped)

Adjusting exterior mirrors
The electrical exterior mirror adjuster is ready for operation:
– With ignition switched on.
– After the ignition is switched off and before the driver's or
passenger's door is first opened, but for a maximum of
10 minutes.

  1. Press selection button A for the driver's side and selection button B for the passenger's side.
    The indicator light on the pressed button lights up.
  2. Move the exterior mirrors to the correct position by pressing the adjustment button C.

If the electrical adjustment facility fails

  • Adjust the mirror by pressing on the mirror face.

Folding in exterior mirrors manually

  • Swivel the mirror housing inwards by hand as far as it will go.

Folding out exterior mirrors manually

  • Swivel the mirror housing outwards by hand as far as it will go.