Manual: 2012-2016

Page: 47

Rollover Protection

On the Cabriolet, a Rollover Protection System installed behind the rear seats is extended within fractions of a second if forces indicating the possibility of certain types of accidents are detected. This generates a loud noise. If necessary, the safety-belt pretensioners for the front seats will be activated.

  • Please see the chapter "SAFETY-BELT PRETENSIONER" on page 36.

The Rollover Protection System consists of two extendable assemblies which, together with the windshield frame, help maintain the space around the normal occupant seating positions, if the vehicle rolls over.

There is a risk of damage to the convertible top and rollover protection when opening and closing the convertible top.

Extended rollover protection will obstruct the movement of the convertible top.

  • Do not open or close the convertible top with the Rollover protection extended.

A Rollover Protection System that has been tampered with or obstructed in its movement may malfunction, resulting in serious or fatal injury.

A Rollover Protection System that has been tampered with does not offer any protection.

It may be triggered inadvertently, or not respond when needed.

  • Do not modify the wiring or components of the Rollover protection system.
  • Keep body parts and objects out of the area of movement of the extendable assemblies.
  • Do not open the covers of the extendable assemblies.
  • When cleaning the vehicle, ensure that no water or cleaning agent enters the Rollover Protection System.

  • If the Rollover protection system is in any way faulty, contact your nearest authorized Porsche dealer.

If the rollover protection is triggered when the convertible top is closed, the rear window is destroyed.

Warning light

If the Rollover Protection System is faulty, the airbag warning light on the instrument cluster will light up. Extension of the extendable assemblies is not ensured.

  • Have the fault repaired without delay at your nearest authorized Porsche dealer.

Triggered Rollover Protection System

  • Never press the extendable assemblies back into the original position.
  • Contact your nearest authorized Porsche dealer.