Manual: 2012-2016

Page: 255

Towing lug
The towing lug is stored in the left tool box in the luggage compartment.

  • Use the towing lug only for an emergency to remove the vehicle off the road. The towing lug is to be used only to pull the vehicle onto the flat bed, tractor or towing aparatus if the vehicle will roll freely. Under no circumstances is the vehicle to be secured using the towing lug.
  • Never use the towing lug to tow this or any other vehicle.
  • Bear in mind the limited ground clearance of your car on uneven surfaces.

Rear towing lug

Fitting the towing lug
When fitting on the rear of the vehicle, the license plate must be removed.

  1. Press the lower edge of the appropriate plastic cover into the bumper until the cover disengages.
  2. Pull cover out of the bumper and let it hang by its thread.
  3. Screw in towing lug A as far as it will go (left-hand thread) and tighten hand-tight.

Front towing lug

Removing the towing lug

  1. Unscrew the towing lug A.
  2. Insert plastic cover at the lower edge of the opening.
  3. Fold the cover up and press on its upper edge to engage it in the bumper.
  4. Store the towing lug in the tool box.