Manual: 2012-2016

Page: 254

PDK selector lever emergency release
In the event of an electronics failure, emergency release of the selector lever must be performed in order to move the selector-lever to the N position.

Releasing selector lever

  1. Take the plastic wedge from the toolbox.
  2. Carefully lever out the rear part of the selector lever gate A on both sides (arrows) using the plastic wedge.
  3. Carefully lever out the front part of the switch panel B on both sides (arrow) using the plastic wedge.
  4. Remove the switch module B and place aside. The cable C of the switch panel must not be under tension.

  1. Push the selector lever lock downwards and hold, then move the selector lever into the N position.

Installing the switch panel and selector lever gate

  1. Make sure that the cable clip D engages correctly in the selector support. Then engage the switch panel B into the front guides, fully insert the panel and press downwards until it engages securely.
  2. Press down the selector lever gate A until it engages securely.